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This was a long ago starting point for my blogging efforts. My new home is Mark Combs Author dot-com.


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The Last Closet on the Left

Oh, it’s no use.

She’s so beautiful,

and I’m…

Well, look at me!

– The Beast

(from Beauty and the Beast)

Written originally as a French Fairy Tale in the mid-1700’s, the story has undergone a number of adaptations; both in written form and in film. Wrapped in the guise of a love story, the mystery woven into the fabric is the paradox of self-acceptance vs ego. Continue reading

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Emotional Ghosts: Friendship / Acceptance

Judgmental by nature, we label others. We size them up, dress them down and figure them out. We form opinions based on perception. We’re not biased. On the contrary, we have a checklist of good, bad and scary reserved for just about anyone who crosses our path. Yet, we ourselves hunger for acceptance and long for that one soul who approves of us completely, without exception or reservation – a true friend. Continue reading


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